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E3D Water Cooling Kit

E3D Water Cooling Kit

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E3D Water Cooling Kit

The E3D Water cooling kit is the next step in 3D Printing. It is a compact but powerful system than can be easily adapted to water cool your 3D Printer. Air cooling 3D Printer hotends has reached its limit, this Water cooling kit has a large fan and radiator which is much more efficient and quiet compared to hotend mounted air cooled systems.

E3D have limited the number of parts, making is easier than any preivous system available. Not only are there minimal parts, but each parts fits together snugly and securely to create a neat ergonmic system.

Easily adaptable, the E3D Water cooling kit is based on standard computer cooling components. This allows users to change up the system using standard off the shelf parts. With a 8mm outer diameter and 4mm inner diameter silicone tubing it is compatible with most water cooling systems. The kit is 12V only and can be used with any water based coolant. For 24V systems a DC-DC convertor will be needed.

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