When building a machine, it’s unlikely you won’t find yourself in need of some high quality gantry plates. Here at Ooznest, we offer a selection of parts that will ensure that the finished article is more than equipped to help deliver your inner maker needs, whether you are assembling a 3D printer, a CNC machine or another piece of equipment.

The diverse range of v-slot gantry plates we have on offer here at Ooznest mean that whatever your purpose, you should be able to find one that works for you. For example, our build gantry plate can be used in any number of situations to provide a stable mounting platform for a heated bed. Manufactured from 6036-T6 aluminium, they are not only lightweight but durable too, making them widely popular with a number of our customers.


Alongside the build gantry plate, we have a number of multi-function parts available for purchase. The Mini V-Slot gantry plate, also made from 6036-T6 aluminium, boasts an extremely small form factor and combines perfectly with Mini V Wheels in order to create a high quality linear guide system. With a mounting pattern than enables users to install end-to-end mounting, you are now able to create numerous machine designs, small compact 3D Printers are a perfect example using this V-Slot Gantry plate.

Our V-slot Gantry Plate is the most popular gantry plate we have in stock, thanks in part to the fact it can be used with any size of V-Slot Extrusion. With a simplified design making it one of the most compatible, well-functioning 3D printer parts we have in stock, Lead screw and belt driven systems are all easily possbile with this gantry plate.

You can always be sure that even the most popular products we sell are always available at a rate that won’t price us out of the market.For more information on our selection of gantry plates or indeed any of our other printing parts that we have in stock, don’t hesitate to contact one of our personable team today and we’ll aim to get back to your question or query as soon as possible.

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