Your Ideas, Our Products

Here at Ooznest, we’re not just about selling components; we’re about empowering you to bring your ideas to life.

Whether you’re a Research & Developer on the brink of the next big breakthrough, a ‘Can Do’ Business eager to streamline processes, or a Tinkerer who enjoys the sheer joy of creation, we have something to fuel your ambition.

We provide a wide range of products for mechanical projects, from our aluminium extrusion system to our distinct, application-specific component kits. Need something special? We excel in customisation services, ensuring you have just what you need to power your project.

Our Promise

With our ‘right first time’ approach, you can trust that your order will meet your exact specifications. If not, our exceptional customer service team is always ready to assist, striving for your 100% satisfaction.

Our X-Factor

We take pride in our web-based, self-service component customisations. This fully automated system, from your selections, purchase, manufacture and shipping, ensures a seamless and efficient experience that puts you in control.

What Sets Us Apart

At Ooznest we are a ‘Can Do’ company and believe we can help you to be the same. We equip you with the knowledge to create your own designs and make informed component selections.

We pride ourselves on transparency and fairness, with no hidden prices or exclusive trade discounts. Our bulk discounts are clearly displayed for everyone to see.

Our focus is resolute – we concentrate on what we do best. If it’s not on our website, it’s not on our roster.

Our Name, Our Identity


Often, we’re asked about the origins of our unique name, Ooznest. It’s a name that stands out, resonates with our roots and our community. The ‘Ooz’ signifies the filament oozing out of a 3D Printer Nozzle, a homage to our origins in 2013 within the bedroom of our founder, Ryan Lock, and his early fascination with 3D printing technology. The ‘Nest’ symbolises the vibrant and interconnected maker community we are a part of, akin to a bustling bird’s nest.

While we have grown and expanded beyond 3D printing, our name remains as an emblem of our past and a testament to our unique journey. It’s a constant reminder of our commitment to the maker community and our mission to make innovation accessible for all.