A revolution is coming…

One where our 2D thoughts are turned into 3D realities and where you have full control of your creative experiments, with a little help from an online expert community that loves to share what we do. Ooznest is a proud cog in the maker community – supplying the fellow builders with what they need to grow and thrive.

Where did we spring from?

Based here in the UK, Ooznest is the brainchild of Cambridge graduate Ryan Lock, a man who was fascinated by 3D printing technology right from the moment it hit the airwaves. He saw the potential right away and set about making this scary sounding idea more accessible for everyone. From the smallest enthusiast through to high-end manufacturing, Ryan believes that 3D printing and the maker movement is the future.

“They say that the best ideas come from the bedrooms of people who think a little differently.”

Ryan is one of those people. Rather than pursue engineering in the usual way, Ryan had lofty ambitions; a company that would somehow bring making to the masses. A range of products that would enhance the maker experience and offer home-based engineering to a wider range of people.

What makes us special?

Ooznest wants to a part of the solution rather than the problem and therefore works closely with designers to get their products to a community that they may not usually have access to. This open source, sharing concept has helped to make Ooznest a company to watch in the maker world and one that is building its own reputation layer by layer.

Ryan knew that tinkering and creating can be made harder by a lack of resources and shared knowledge – Ooznest provides both. A sharing community full of ideas as well as support and the equipment his customers need to make their visions come to life.

Friendly and unique thinkers, Ooznest are a customer-led company that truly cares. Emails are answered, phone calls are taken and orders fulfilled. Get the basics right and the rest falls into place. Just like making, really.

Most of all, Ooznest relies on you – the customer and the supporter. You are the innovative thinkers, those people who are embracing the future and seeing things from a new and unique perspective – one that is fully formed and able to be held in the palm of your hand. The maker movement is really going places and we want to go there with you.

Ooznest CEO

Ryan Lock
CEO / Founder