A linear actuator can be used on 1000s of situations, from automated camera control, to precise target range movement. Our linear actuators are made possible because of V-Slot. V-Slot is an exciting new product for makers, a V-Slot groove is used on all 4 sides, which provides a smooth, self centering linear motion. V-Slot is also a strong aluminium extruded profile, it's light weight rigid design, makes it excel in compact situations. The perfect characteristics for linear guides.

Linear actuators are extremely simple to make with V-Slot, broken down into the main components, they are made from, a linear rail, gantry plate, wheels, and motor. Linear actuators can be used in so many machines, the list is endless. One example is the Z-Axis on a CNC machine, a linear guide is used here to move the cutting head of a router in and out of the material.

V-Slot Actuator
C-Beam Linear Actuator

Alongside V-Slot linear actuators, we also have C-Beam. C-Beam is an aluminium section with a C-Shape profile. This shape gives it a lot of strength, and additional versatility. C-Beam uses the V-Slot groove on all sides, and is compatible with all V-Slot parts.

Our C-Beam linear actuator kit, is an ACME lead screw system, driven by a NEMA23 stepper motor. It is available in lengths from 250mm to 1000mm, with the addition of our precise cutting service. This kit would make a very compact and strong camera slider, which can be used in a wide range of situations for silky smooth motion.

At Ooznest we guarantee technical support, if you have any problems with your linear guide, we are only a phone call or email away. We want to make your maker dreams as easy as possible, if you have any questions, please get in contact with our team today!

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