At the heart of any 3D Printer, CNC Router, or other machine is a controller board. The controller runs the firmware and operates all the functions of the machine. For example a 3D Printer controller, will control the motors, heated bed, extruders and anything else that is present on the 3D Printer. Different machines will have varying requirements from a controller board, such as the compatible firmwares, pin outputs, or just the raw power required. We stock a range of boards which are suitable for most machines that can be thought of, including 3D Printer controllers.

Picking a 3D Printer controller can be difficult and should not be a rushed decision. Such aspects that should be taken into consideration are the mechanical motion of the machine, number of the extruders, type of stepper motors, and the voltage you wish to use throughout the machine. The most common voltages for a 3D Printer are 12V or 24V, 24V has the advantage of making the motors run smoother and decreasing the amps running through the components. Some 3D Printer controllers will only accept one or the other, maybe both with some modification, our RUMBA RepRap controller can run at 12V or 24V straight out of the box.

Duet 2 Ethernet
RAMPS 3D Printer Controller

RAMPS 1.4 is the most popular 3D Printer controller used today. It is an extremely simple and well-designed board, which has a lot of functionality and can be easily expanded upon. RAMPS 1.4 interfaces with an Arduino MEGA2560, which is an 8-bit controller, and is still powerful for most 3D Printers. We offer two RAMPS Boards, a standard and premium. The standard is perfectly fine for most applications, and its inexpensive price is perfect if you like experimenting. Our premium option is a reliable work horse and will not let you down if you run your 3D Printer 24/7.

If you are after a 3D Printer controller, CNC Controller, or other board for your machine you have come to the right people. We are happy to help with any queries you may have, so please feel free to get in contact with one of our friendly team members today.

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