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V-Slot is a new concept in machine building by Openbuilds, and can be used to make high quality 3D Printers and CNC Machines. If you are looking for parts to build a 3D Printer, then here in the UK at Ooznest we have all the parts you could need. For V-Slot we stock every aspect from mounts and wheels to linear rails and brackets. We work closely with Openbuilds to bring you their V-Slot products to the UK and Europe for very reasonable prices. We have exactly what you need to successfully build a 3D printer so take a look at our store today and be guaranteed of the highest quality items.

If you are looking to build another machine aside from a 3D Printer, then V-Slot is also very capable. Excellent CNC Machines can be built very simply using this system. One stand out example is our OX CNC Machine Kit, this can be made up to a size of 1500x1500mm and cut a whole range of materials. Photographers will also find the V-Slot system of interest, many different camera sliders can be built to provide you with the smooth motion you have been after.Read more »

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Aluminium Spacers
These spacers come in handy for so many projects it is unbelievable. They are used on wheel assembli..
Ex Tax: £0.22
Build Plate
This universal Build plate is manufactured from 6063-T6 Aluminum and can be used in many situations,..
Ex Tax: £16.67
GT3 Pulley & Timing Belt Kits
The GT3 Series of belts and pulleys has more aggressive teeth than its little brother the GT2. The G..
Ex Tax: £20.83
M5 Low Profile Bolts
These Low Profile M5 Bolts are great for any project, the low profile head insures there is plenty o..
Ex Tax: £0.18
Router Spindle Mount
This high quality router mount is perfect for any CNC Machine. It has a 71.0mm inner radius which pe..
Ex Tax: £24.58
V-Slot Linear Rail - 20x20x250mm
AboutV-Slot is a high quality extruded aluminium profile with a "V" groove on ..
Ex Tax: £1.88
2 Hole Joining Plate
Heavy Duty 40x18mm 2 Hole Joining Plate perfect for any connection requiring strength, manufactured ..
Ex Tax: £1.67
3 Hole Joining Plate
Heavy Duty 60x18mm 3 Hole Joining Plate perfect for any connection requiring strength, manufactured ..
Ex Tax: £2.08
5 Hole T Joining Plate
Heavy Duty 60x60mm 5 Hole T Joining Plate perfect for any connection requiring strength, manufacture..
Ex Tax: £3.75
7 Hole Cross Joining Plate
Heavy Duty 100x60mm 7 Hole T Joining Plate perfect for any connection requiring strength, manufactur..
Ex Tax: £4.83
8mm Shim Spacer
8mm Shim for use as a spacer on 8mm ACME Threaded Rod, to seperate the lock collar and 688zz bearing..
Ex Tax: £0.44
90 Degree Angle Corner
Milled from solid aluminium this corner connector will make a strong 90 Degree connection for V-Slot..
Ex Tax: £2.29
90 Degree Cast Corner
Standard 20x20x17mm with 4mm tab which are used to connect two V-Slot Extrusions together for a 90 d..
Ex Tax: £1.25
90 Degree Joining Plate
Heavy Duty 60x60mm 90 Degree 5 Hole Joining Plate perfect for any connection requiring strength, man..
Ex Tax: £4.17
ACME 8mm Lead Screws
High Quality precision 8mm Pitch, Tr8*8 4 Start trapezoidal lead screw which specification is p..
Ex Tax: £9.58


A revolution is coming… one where our 2D thoughts are turned into 3D realities and where you have full control of your creative experiments, with a little help from an online expert community that loves to share what we do. Ooznest is a proud cog in that machine - supplying the 3D printing community with what they need to grow and thrive.


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