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E3D Embedded Bowden Coupler For Plastic

E3D Embedded Bowden Coupler For Plastic

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E3D Embedded Bowden Coupler For Plastic

These handy pneumatic couplers embed directly into a plastic part to make it accept 4mm OD PTFE Tubing. They should be inserted into a 12mm diameter hole, that is atleast 7mm deep. They are suited for 1.75mm filament only.

Dimentions for the outer ring:

- Outer diameter: 11.8mm
- Overall diameter: 12.8mm
 -Inner diameter: 6.3mm
- Thickness: 5mm

Dimentions for the insert:

- Outer diameter: 10mm
- Inner diameter: 4mm
- Thickness of top lip: 1.5mm
- Diameter of legs: 6mm

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