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E3D v6 Hotend Full Kit
E3D v6 Hotend Full Kit E3D v6 Hotend Full Kit E3D v6 Hotend Full Kit E3D v6 Hotend Full Kit

E3D v6 Hotend Full Kit

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E3D v6 Hotend Full Kit


The E3D v6 allows you to print the widest range of materials possible. The v6 builds on the renowned E3D high temperature performance and further focuses on the ability to print soft and flexible filaments. The E3D v6 hotend has a PTFE liner than can be extended into the extruder. This adds extra confinement and constraint, making printing with filaments like NinjaFlex, FlexPla and other hard to print materials much easier. This opens up possibilities never seen before with a 3D printer hotend.

The PTFE Liner is only present in the 1.75mm version – the 3mm Bowden version has a partial lining – and 3mm Direct has no lining)

V6 Cutaway

V6 High temperature performance

E3D V6 Hotend Performance

Unlike other hotends, the E3D v6 has no PEEK or PTFE in the hot regions of the hotend. The v6 hotend can reach 300°C with the supplied thermistor. Even more impressive it can reach over 400°C if the thermistor is swapped for a thermocouple (Additional electronics may be required).

The v6 3D Printer hotend allows high temperature materials such as polycarbonate and nylons to be easily printed, and provides best in class performance. Even though there is a PTFE liner inside the hotend, this is never subjected to high temperatures, eliminating risk of hotend meltdown or damage to the internal liner.

The v6 heater block maximises thermal conduct by clamping around the cartridge heater, this provides super fast heat up times and responsive temperature control. This new clamping system allows the 3D printer head to go from 20°C to 200°C in just 65 seconds. The v6 is so responsive that it can keep the hotend within 0.5°C of the target temperature.

Quick Assembly & Easy Maintenance

The usual pain experienced when assembling a 3d printer hotend has been completely removed with the E3D v6. E3D have developed a new cartridge based thermistor system, these are simply held in place using a grub screw, no kapton tape, no fuss. The new cartridge sensors are easier to maintain, more robust, and tolerant to abuse. Other cartridge sensors are available, PT100 & K-Type Thermocouple, these can be quickly swapped out with the new design.

Other parts of the 3D printer hotend screw together and the fan duct simply clips into place, and can be orientated in any direction around the heatsink.

Easy V6 Assembly

Best In Class Printing

E3D V6 High Quality Printing

The E3D v6 hotend has a sharp thermal break, giving better filament control, allowing for quicker start and stops when extruding. The sharp thermal break also helps retracts, and reduces ooze and blobbing. This means your 3D prints are much more accurate, sharper, less stringy, and in general much cleaner.

For the v6 a new manufacturing process has been developed that gives the heatbreaks a perfect surface finish. This reduces the force needed to restart extrusion after a retraction, and helps to prevent filament jamming. The internal shape of the nozzle on the E3D v6 has been designed to reduce the extrusion pressure needed, increasing reliability and print quality.

An Appearance To Envy

The E3D v6 hotend has had as much bulk cut away from it as possible. The hotend has an overall length of 62mm.

An injection moulded fan duct has produced significant reductions in the x/y dimensions.

The latest addition is a silicone sock for the heater block. The silicone sock keeps your hotend clean from old burnt plastic, and stabilises temperature control. Each kit includes one single sock, these should last between 100 Hours to nearly infinite time, depending on the materials used and abuse.

Perfectly CNC machined parts, injection moulded fan duct, silicone sock, and simple thermistor mounting has produced a truly great looking 3d printer hotend. A perfect printer requires a perfect hotend, and the v6 ticks all the boxes.

V6 Silicone Sock

E3D ECO System

Nozzle Fun Pack

By using the E3D v6 you get access to the whole range of e3d products. The E3D v6 is compatible with a wide range of nozzles sizes, from super small 0.25mm to the large 0.8mm. The nozzle geometries have been tailored to improve fine details with smaller nozzles, and quicker large extrusions with the bigger nozzles.

Not only are brass nozzles available, but also hardened steel nozzles, these allow for wear free abrasive material printing.

The v6 can also be upgraded with high temperature sensors like the PT100 and K-Type thermocouple

A Volcano heater block can also be attached to the E3D v6 heatsink for super fast, large format 3d printing.

What You Will Be Getting

1 x E3D v6 Hotend sized to chosen options, with v6 brass nozzle of chosen orifice size.

1 x 30W Cartridge Heater to chosen voltage.

1 x Thermistor Sensor Cartridge

1 x 30x30x10mm DC Fan to chosen voltage

1 x Blue Fan Duct

1 x Fixings Kit

1 x Silicone Sock

(When Chosen) Bowden Kit Which Includes:
1 x Extruder Screw Coupler
800mm x PTFE Tubing
(All sized appropriately)

With the 1.75mm direct version, 120mm of PTFE is supplied to go inside the hotend.

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