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V-Slot Linear Rails

V-Slot Linear Rails

If you’re looking to build a 3D printer then you will soon find that V-Slot linear rails are a beneficial upgrade to the puzzle. As a high-quality aluminium extrusion linear rail profile, V-Slot linear rails are designed with smoothness and accessibility in mind. The ‘V’ shaped groove on all four sides sets it apart from other aluminium extrusion linear rail designs and the precision you are able to attain when using it will guarantee you ultimate control from beginning to end.

Where a more traditional T-Slot aluminium extrusion would provide you with a solid base in terms of functionality, V-Slot linear rails take this to another dimension entirely. Through utilising internal V grooves that enable linear motion to be achieved, you are able to bring projects that you have poured time and effort into, to life with considerable ease.

A 3D Printer Built from Aluminium Extrusions

V-Slot itself is widely considered to be a unique concept in the world of 3D printing. Whether you’re a design professional or someone who simply loves to partake in it in your spare time, V-Slot linear rails will revolutionise the way you achieve your design goals. For one, it’s easy to work with – like other aluminium extrusions you are able to cut and shape it with a saw, and then only simple tools will be needed to fasten it in place and you are good to go!

Here at Ooznest, our range of V-Slot linear rails is so diverse that you’ll always be able to find the product that suits your requirements the best. If it’s your dream to build a 3D printer, then look no further than the 3D printing parts we have on offer – each one has been carefully selected and stocked with your needs in mind. It isn’t just 3D printing that the rails are used for. As an example many of our customers use our aluminium extrusions to build CNC machines and camera sliders  – a further example of their multi-purpose usage.

For more information on V-Slot linear rails, or indeed any other printing parts or equipment that we have on sale here at Ooznest, don’t hesitate to contact one of the team today.

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