WorkBee CNC Mechanical Kit – A Workshop CNC Router

WorkBee CNC Mechanical Kit

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WorkBee CNC Mechanical Kit

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About our CNC Router Kit

The WorkBee CNC Machine is the result of years of experience, feedback, and suggestions from selling the OX CNC Machine. It has been designed from scratch, and can accurately cut foams, woods, plastics and aluminium to 0.2mm accuracy or better. Functional engineering parts, toys, signs or anything else that can be imagined, can be made on the WorkBee CNC Router.

CNC Router Base Kit
WorkBee CNC Machine Extrusions

On the X and Y Axis of the WorkBee CNC Router C-Beam extrusions are used, the C-Beam is a 'C' shaped profile that incorporates the V-Slot system. The C-Beam not only has strength benefits, but it also allows the drive systems to be shielded from cutting debris. With a screw system, on all axes, the screws are shielded in side 'C' channel. On a belt setup, the Y-Axis belt are also inside the 'C' channel shielded from debris, the X-Axis belt isn't shielded, but as it is above cut area this isn't of concern.

48 x Xtreme Solid V Wheels are used on the WorkBee. The wheels are made from super hard polycarbonate that reduces wheel compression and wear. The plates are manufactured from 6mm aluminium, and have a protective anodised coating. The plates have been designed completely from scratch, and have been carefully thought about in terms of function, usability, and ease of assembly.

Dual Drive System

The main request we got for the OX was for a lead screw driven version. The WorkBee has been designed from the ground up to incorporate this and more.

A screw driven system limits the size of the machine to a maximum of 1000x1000mm. Having this limitation was not practical. To overcome this, the WorkBee CNC Router can either by driven by screws, or by belts. Belts don't have the same limitation as screws, therefore the WorkBee is available up to 1500x1500mm in size.

WorkBee CNC Drive System Comparison

The WorkBee CNC also has two different spoiler board configurations. One for shallow work up to 27mm deep, and a lowered setup up to 47mm deep. Having this option is beneficial, if the plan is to only cut thin materials, it is a waste of rigidity to have the Z-Axis reach down more than needed. The Screw driven version, right image above, shows the lowered configuration.

Ease of Assembly

We like to think we have made a name for ourselves by creating excellent assembly manuals for our machines. The manuals provided with the WorkBee are no different. The WorkBee CNC Router comes with a full assembly manual. It has Ikea'eske assembly diagrams in addition to instructional writing. Using our manual makes the assembly a breeze.

If you have any problems along the way we are a quick phone or email away to provide you with the help you need. Also the Openbuilds website and forum is an invaluable community of fellow builders and WorkBee owners who are always more than willing to provide assistance. The WorkBee comes with a 1 years warranty on all the parts, so if anything is damaged or stops working, we will send a replacement out quickly.

WorkBee CNC Router Instruction Manual

Made In Britain

Ooznest and the WorkBee CNC Router are a proud member of the Made In Britain Directory. The WorkBee kits are designed and assembled in our UK Offices. Currently all the extrusions, wires, and plastic parts are manufactured in Britain, and we are continually looking to get more individual parts manufactured here as well. When you contact us you can be 100% sure you will be speaking to someone in our UK Office.

OX Made In Britain

What is in the Kit

Inside the WorkBee Kit

This kit includes everything needed to build the mechanical portion of the WorkBee CNC Router. Including four optional NEMA23 Stepper motors. The main components not included, which are needed to get the mechanical kit running and cutting, is a power supply, controller board, and a Spindle. Note the MDF Spoiler Board is not included in this kit.

All preliminary work is done for you. This includes cutting/tapping the extrusions and cutting the ACME screws. Only basic tools like allens keys, spanners and screwdrivers are needed to complete the assembly.

Multiple sizes of the WorkBee are available starting at 750x750mm. With a 750mm X-Axis two spoilerboard support extrusions are included. Sizes with an 1000mm X-Axis include three spoilerboard supports extrusions. Sizes with an 1500mm X-Axis include 4 spoilerboard supports.

Technical Specification


Frame Size
750 x 750mm
750 x 1000mm
1000 x 1000mm
1000 x 1500mm
1500 x 1500mm

Working Area
550 x 520mm
550 x 770mm
800 x 770mm
800 x 1270mm
1300 x 1270mm

Z Height
54mm Or 94mm Travel, 27mm Or 47mm Workable depth, with a 12mm spoilerboard. The spoilerboard supports have two height configurations, these are the maximums for each configuration.


Drive System - ACME Lead Screws Or GT3 Timing Belts
Linear Guides - Polycarbonate wheels on anodised C-Beam V-Slot Extrusion.
Motors - NEMA23 175oz Stepper Motors (X, Y & Z)
Accuracy - 0.05 - 0.10mm (Screw Driven) Or 0.10 - 0.20mm (Belt Driven)

To clarify the Z Travel, this is not the max cutting depth or the travel range of the actuator. Z travel is the distance downwards it can travel before hitting the spoiler board supports.

The WorkBee has two spoilerboard support configurations. One with a travel of 66mm, and a lower one with a travel of 106mm. The reason for the two configurations is that if the machine is always used to cut thin materials, for accuracy reasons it is better to have the work piece as close to the Z-Actuator as possible, so in this case the machine should be setup in the higher 66mm travel configuration.

The higher configuration has a Z travel of 66mm, with a 12mm spoiler board, this will reduce the Z travel to 54mm. In this case 54mm is maximum thickness of material that will fit on the machine.

To calculate the max cutting depth for a chosen piece of material it is:

Max Cutting Depth = Z travel – Material Thickness

For instance a setup with a 12mm spoiler board, the max Z travel is 54mm, so when cutting into a material 30mm thick the max cutting depth would be:

Max Cutting Depth = 54 – 30 = 24mm

This means with a 30mm piece of material it would not be possible to cut it the whole way through.

The max thickness that can be cut the whole way through is half the Z travel. So with a Z travel of 55mm, 27mm is the maximum thickness of material that could be cut the whole way through. And for the lower configuration the maximum thickness that can be cut the whole way through is 47mm

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