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A CNC Router To Manufacture Your Ideas.

WorkBee CNC Machine

Starting From £1195


The WorkBee is a culmination of all our experience from supplying CNC Machines. It has been designed from the ground up to incorporate as much of the feedback and suggestions we have received from the community over the past few years.

A WorkBee CNC gives makers the power to make functional parts from foams, woods, plastics and even aluminium to 0.2mm accuracy or better.

Engineers, Manufacturers, Woodworkers and Hobbyists will all find the WorkBee to be an essential addition to their workshop.

WorkBee CNC Router


The WorkBee has been uniquely designed so it can be lead screw driven, belt driven, or a mixture of both. Lead screws are more accurate than belts, however screws are limited in size to a machine no bigger than 1000mm. So the WorkBee has been designed so it can be setup in either configuration, thus allowing a WorkBee to be available in sizes up to 1500mm.

WorkBee Dualdrive


The WorkBee is available in many configurations and 5 different sizes, you can buy exactly what you want and nothing more.

Includes everything for a moving machine, extras include Router, Dust Shoe & CAM Software.

Bare bones, the mechanical portion of the WorkBee, add your own electronics.

Customise your WorkBee CNC Machine with individual add-on kits.

WorkBee Sizes


We have years of experience in writing manuals. All this experience has gone into the WorkBee Kit. Each step has written instructions, with an IKEA'eske assembly diagram.

The full kit, comes with two manuals, which go through the mechanical build, drag chain assembly, electrical setup, and using the control software.

In house we carry out all the hard work that requires specialist tools. This includes cutting, tapping, crimping & soldering. Only household tools are needed, like allen keys, spanners, and screwdrivers.

The WorkBee is fully supported from our UK Offices with a 1 year warranty on all parts. We are available by phone or email to offer assistance.

WorkBee Assembly Manual


The WorkBee and Ooznest are a proud member of the Made In Britain Directory. The WorkBee Ships from our UK Based warehouse where all the kits are assembled and packaged. The extrusions and many other parts are manufactured in the UK, and we are always pushing to get more made here. We believe we have a high reputation for offering excellent customer service, which we aim to keep. We are available by phone or email to offer any help, and we guarantee that it will be someone from our UK office on the other end of the line.

WorkBee CNC Made In Britain


Nearly what ever you can imagine can be manufactured on the WorkBee. Below are a few examples.

WorkBee Lion
WorkBee Sign
WorkBee Plate



Frame Size

750 x 750mm
750 x 1000mm
1000 x 1000mm
1000 x 1500mm
1500 x 1500mm

Working Area

550 x 520mm
550 x 770mm
800 x 770mm
800 x 1270mm
1300 x 1270mm

Z Height

54mm Or 94mm Travel, 27mm Or 47mm Workable depth, with a 12mm spoilerboard. The spoilerboard supports have two height configurations, these are the maximums for each configuration.


Drive System - ACME Lead Screws Or GT3 Timing Belts.

Linear Guides - Polycarbonate wheels on anodised C-Beam V-Slot Extrusion.

Motors - NEMA23 175oz Stepper Motors (X, Y & Z)

Accuracy - 0.05 - 0.10mm (Screw Driven) Or 0.10 - 0.20mm (Belt Driven)


Plates - Machined 6082 Aluminium, Black Anodised.

Extrusions - V-Slot Extrusions, C-Beam Y-Axis. C-Beam X-Axis + 20x40mm X-Axis.


Controller - USB CNC xPro V3 Controller, GRBL 1.1 Firmware, Dual Y-Axis Stepper Drivers.

Power - 24V 350W Output, Switchable 110-220V Input.

Software - Universal G-Code Sender Windows/Mac Compatible.


A revolution is coming… one where our 2D thoughts are turned into 3D realities and where you have full control of your creative experiments, with a little help from an online expert community that loves to share what we do. Ooznest is a proud cog in that machine - supplying the 3D printing community with what they need to grow and thrive.


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