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E3D v6 Copper Heater Block

E3D v6 Copper Heater Block

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E3D v6 Copper Heater Block

The E3D v6 Copper heater block are manufactured from a high temperature copper-alloy that will not soften until above 500C. Aluminium blocks begin to lose integrity above 350C, this makes the v6 Copper heater blocks perfect for high temperature applications. With very high thermal conductivity, these E3D Copper heater blocks make for faster heat up times, and will perform well with most filaments on the market.

The heater blocks are also nickel plated. The nickel plating greatly reduces the adhesion of plastic to the metal, meaning they will stay clean, even without a silicone sock. For a perfect copper setup combine these with the nickel plated copper v6 nozzles.

E3D chose copper because of its high thermal conductivity, it has been hardened and treated to reduce oxidation at high temperatures. This will give faster heat up times and tighter temperature control. Because the copper alloy chosen is temperature resilient, it will not soften or anneal until well after 500C, making it the perfect heater block for extreme temperature applications.

The new E3D v6 heater block clamps both the cartridge heater, and cartridge sensors into place for easy assembly and maintenance as well as better thermal response.

Heart cartridge and cartridge sensor fixings are included.

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