uStepper S Controller Board

uStepper S

ROTARY ENCODER A neodymium magnet attached to the back of the motor shaft, with a magnetic encoder chip, allow for north/south pole tracking of the magnet. With this information, the angle of the stepper motor shaft can be determined. The encoder has a 16bit resolution, so the shaft position can be tracked in steps of […]

uStepper Dual Mount

uStepper Mount

The uStepper Dual mount allows the uStepper to be mounted either magnetically or mechanically. The magnetic fixing means the uStepper can be attached to any size NEMA17 Stepper Motor. If your application requires a more rugged mounting solution, then this is the answer. It will permanently fix the uStepper to your NEMA17 Stepper Motor. Please […]

uStepper EGO Shield

The uStepper EGO Shield is a great addition to the uStepper family of components. It allows simple pushbutton control of a motor without the need for programming knowledge. The EGO Shield is a super sharp OLED Display with 4 push buttons. The shield simply pushes into the pin headers on the uStepper, which is then […]

uStepper 3D Stepstick Shield

Most 3D Printer and CNC users have experienced skipped steps in their linear motion control. The uStepper Stepstick shield aims to solve this problem with drop in parts. The uStepper has a 12 bit rotary encoder built to track motor movement. This is good for single motor applications, but not useful in the case of […]

uStepper Cover

Keep you’re electronics protected with this uStepper cover. It fits both the terminal and power connector versions. It comes in two versions, fully closed version that just leaves the USB & Power connector open. Or the Open version which also has slots for the I/O Pins.