PCB Heated Bed MK2A/MK2B

PCB Heated Bed MK2A/MK2B

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PCB Heated Bed MK2A/MK2B

The PCB Heated Bed MK2B is ideal if you are you using a 12V or 24V system and want to achieve zero warp while printing with your RepRap 3D Printer, the MK2B comes with a 214mm x 214mm build area so there is plenty of room to print your creations.

New Features in the MK2B include:

- Three point mounting system allowing for easy bed levelling compared to a 4 point system. to achieve best results first level the side with 2 holes and fix in place then level the side with 1 hole. Once level its is recommended that a glass sheet is used on top to provide a perfectly level and flat surface, see Josef Prusa's website instructions: www.josefprusa.cz/pcb-heatbed-final-mounting-and-wiring-solution

- Larger solder area to connect the current carrying wire, and bigger wholes for better cable management. Ensure the current carrying cable is thick enough to carry 10A and It is recommended to use proper strain relief so the cable doesn't flex the joint over time.

Please note 2 x LED and 1 x Resistor are NOT included.

What You Will Be Getting

- 1 x PCB Heated Bed MK2B (12v or 24V compatible, so is similar to the MK2A)

- 1 x 100K ohm EPCOS B57560G104F NTC Thermistor (not soldered)

MK2B Heated Bed
Power Input
Laminate FR4 1.6+/-0.15mm, 2 Layer, 35μm copper
12V 11A+ or 24V DC 8A+
1.0 - 1.2 ohms (12V) 3.0-3.4ohm (24V)

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