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OX CNC Machine

OX CNC Machine

The Ooznest OX CNC Machine Kit is based on the Openbuilds OX CNC Machine designed by Mark Carew (www.openbuilds.com/ox-cnc-machine), and incorporates many upgrades from the Openbuilds community. Mark Carew based the OX on the Routy, which was in turn based on the Shapeoko.

The OX CNC Machine makes full use of the excellent V-Slot Extrusion system. The Y-Axis uses the biggest size available, 20 x 80mm, and the X-Axis has Dual 20 x 60mm's plus an extra 20 x 40mm for added rigidity. Our standard kit uses 750 x 500mm extrusions, however the machine can be easily upgraded to a maximum of 1500 x 1500mm using the largest V-Slot Extrusion lengths.

A Perfect CNC Kit

The Ooznest OX CNC Machine uses a total of 30 Xtreme Solid V Wheels. These are manufactured from super hard polycarbonate, this reduces wheel compression, and keeps wear to a minimum.

The plate designs on our OX are based on the originals by Mark Carew. However we have added our own touches to increase the performance and design of the machine. On the Y-Axis we have added an inner wheel brace, which reduces the movement of the wheels, and also helps to shield the wheels from cutting debris. Plates have also been added or modified to completely cover any bare extrusion ends. All the plates supplied with the kit are manufactured from 6082 Aluminium. The plates are then shot blast and anodized in matt black, to give a very clean finish.

If your new to the world of CNC Machines, then the OX CNC Machine is an excellent start for your first CNC Kit. However professional users will not be disappointed with its capabilities.

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