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OX CNC Full Kit

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OX CNC Full Kit

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There currently is a lead time of 6 weeks.

About our Hobby CNC Kit

The Ooznest OX is based on the OX CNC Machine designed by Mark Carew of Openbuilds (www.openbuilds.com/builds/openbuilds-ox-cnc-machine), and incorporates many upgrades from the Openbuilds community.

The OX Hobby CNC Machine makes full use of the excellent V-Slot Extrusion system. The Y-Axis uses the biggest size available, 20 x 80mm, and the X-Axis has Dual 20 x 60mm's plus an extra 20 x 40mm for added rigidity. The OX CNC is available in multiple sizes from a small desktop 500x750mm to a giant 1500 x 1500mm.

Hobby CNC Router Spindle
Ooznest OX Hobby CNC Machine Y-Axis

The OX CNC uses a total of 30 Xtreme Solid V Wheels. These are manufactured from super hard polycarbonate, reducing wheel compression, and keeps wear to a minimum.

The plate designs on the OX Hobby CNC are based on the originals by Mark Carew. However we have added our own touches to increase the performance and design of the CNC Machine. On the Y-Axis we have added an inner wheel brace, which reduces the movement of the wheels, and also helps to shield the wheels from cutting debris. All the plates supplied with OX CNC are manufactured from 6082 Aluminum, then shot blast and anodized in matt black, to give a very sleek finish.

The Full Kit

Our full kit includes everything you need to build a working CNC Machine apart from the spoiler board. Our OX Kit makes use of the extremely popular Hobby CNC xPro controller. The CNC xPro is a fully featured GRBL Based controller, it comes equipped with four beefy DRV8825's stepper drivers with enough power to run the 175oz NEMA23 Stepper motors included with the CNC Machine. The CNC xPro paired with the included 24V 350W Power supply and Electronics cooling mounts, ensure for a reliable machine that can easily complete them super long jobs.

For safety, good cable management is essential on a machine like this, and we have it covered. Our kit comes with a complete cable carrier system for the X and Y-Axis.

The optional router mount for our CNC Kit is designed to be compatible with the Dewalt 26200, Bosch Colt, or any other 71mm outer diameter router.

Full OX CNC Machine

Ease of Assembly

Ooznest OX CNC Machine Instruction Manual

Mark Carew made some excellent build videos for the original OX CNC, these videos cover the full mechanical build and provide a first person view into the construction of the original OX.

These videos alone could have been enough to complete our hobby kit. However we wanted to make it even easier. Therefore we have made a complete written instruction manual, with IKEA'eske assembly diagrams. Using our written manual with Mark's videos, should make the build a breeze.

If you have any problems along the way, we are available by phone or email to help you. Also the Openbuilds website and forum (www.openbuilds.com) is a invaluable resource for information and assistance. We also have our own Openbuilds forum thread running for people to discuss this CNC kit, please check it out: www.openbuilds.com/ooznest-ox-cnc-machine

What is in the Kit

The Full Kit includes everything needed to build a working OX CNC Machine except the MDF Spoiler Board.

The router mount to fit a 71mm Outer diameter routers is an optional extra. In addition to the router mount, we also offer the Dewalt 26200 router, as seen in the pictures. This is a 900W, 16000-27000rpm Compact router, with a 1/4" Collet. Please note that we only supply the 240V Version.

All the V-Slot Rails are supplied pre-cut and tapped. The Z-Axis ACME Lead screw is cut to the required length, and slightly filed, to insure a snug fit with the 688zz bearings.

The 500x750mm comes with 1 spoiler board support. Sizes with an X Axis of 750mm come with 2 spoiler board supports. Sizes with an X Axis of 1000mm come with 3 spoiler board supports. Sizes with an X Axis of 1500mm come with 4 spoiler board supports

Please see the tab 'Software' above to get an overview of the software provided and not provided with the machine.

To complete the build of this Hobby CNC machine, only simple tools are needed, Allen keys, Screw drivers, and Pliers.

Inside the OX Kit

Technical Specification


500 x 756mm
750 x 756mm
750 x 1006mm
1000 x 1006mm
1000 x 1506mm
1500 x 1506mm

Working Area
320 x 525mm
570 x 525mm
570 x 775mm
820 x 775mm
820 x 1275mm
1320 x 1275mm

Z Height


Motors - 123.4N.cm (177.5oz.in) NEMA23 Stepper Motors X,Y & Z.
Wheels - Super Hard Polycarbonate Xtreme Solid V Wheels
X & Y - 6mm GT3 Timing Belts
Z - 8mm Tr8*8 4 Start ACME Lead Screw


Plates - Machined 6082 Aluminium, Black Anodised.
Extrusions - V-Slot Extrusions, 20x80mm Y-Axis. Dual 20x60mm + 20x40mm X-Axis.


Controller - USB CNC xPro V3 Controller, GRBL Firmware, Dual Y-Axis Stepper Drivers.
Power - 24V 350W Output, Switchable 110-220V Input.
Software - Universal G-Code Sender Windows/Mac Java Based.


We would like to give a big thank you to Mark Carew and Openbuilds part store for designing an excellent Hobby CNC Machine and V-Slot system, which they have allowed to be freely shared, remixed, and sold. We would also like to thank the Openbuilds and wider community for sharing their upgrades to make the OX even better.

Once the OX CNC machine is built, it has the following software work flow: CAD → CAM → G-Code Sender.

The G-Code Sender software allows you to configure the firmware settings, move the machine around, and send the g-code job file to the machine. In the manual we cover using the very simple Universal G-Code Sender, which is a free java based program. There is other free options available such as GRBL Panel and Chilipeppr.

Other pieces of software you will need are a CAD program (Create your designs) and CAM program (Turn your designs into g-code toolpaths). Most CAM programs have basic CAD functionality built in which will achieve the majority of tasks. There is multiple free CAM programs available such as Fusion360 and Sketchucam.

We have tried nearly all free and paid CAM software available, and have found the offering by Vectric to be the best in terms of functionality and ease of use. We have partnered with Vectric to offer their Cut2D software as a bundle with our OX CNC Machine. Cut2D provides a powerful drawing and 2D machining solution with Profile, Pocket, Drill and Inlay toolpaths. You can either create designs from scratch or import CAD or graphic designs (DXF, PDF, AI, EPS, SKP) into CNC toolpaths for machining parts and components.

The Cut2D software comes in two variants, Desktop for hobby users with smaller CNC machines (under 25" x 25" or 635mm x 635mm) and Pro which has no size limit and also includes production orientated features like Nesting, Toolpath Templates, Scripting (Gadgets) and Job Setup Sheets. If you choose a machine 750x1000mm or greater you will need to choose the Pro version to take advantage of your full cut area.

With the Cut2D software you will receive 1 year of free updates, and should register your license on their website at the soonest moment to receive these.

Cut2D is Vectrics basic offering, they also offer more advanced software such as VCarve and Aspire. If you decide you want to use there more advanced software, you can upgrade your Cut2D license to their other offerings for a discounted price

To clarify the Z Travel distance, this is not the max cutting depth. Z travel is the distance downwards it can travel before hitting the spoiler board supports.

This kit has a Z travel of 69mm, if you had a 12mm spoiler board, this will reduce the Z travel to 57mm. In this case 57mm is maximum thickness of material that will fit on the machine.

To calculate the max cutting depth for a chosen piece of material it is:

Max Cutting Depth = Z travel – Material Thickness

For instance a setup with a 12mm spoiler board, the max Z travel is 57mm, if we wanted to cut into a material 30mm thick the max cutting depth would be:

Max Cutting Depth = 57 – 30 = 27mm

This means with a 30mm piece of material we would not be able to cut the whole way through.

The max thickness that can be cut the whole way through is half the Z travel. So with a Z travel of 57mm, we could cut the whole way through a piece of material 28.5mm thick.

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