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E3D Volcano Starter Kit
E3D Volcano Starter Kit E3D Volcano Starter Kit

E3D Volcano Starter Kit

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E3D Volcano Starter Kit


The E3D Volcano gives you the opportunity to venture into large format, super fast 3D printing. The E3D Volcano starter pack is the perfect add on for your existing E3D 3D Printer hotend to supercharger your print speeds, with huge melt rates, and super strong layer adhesion. The Volcano is a great addition to the E3D ecosystem, and is fully compatible with all E3D hotends except Cyclops.

Like the E3D v6 the Volcano now uses the standard sensor cartridges.

E3D's answer to slow printing is Volcano. Volcano allows you to print large parts in a fraction of the time, with increased strength.

The Volcano Starter pack provides you will the parts needed to upgrade your hotend to Volcano including the electronics and fixings. The starter pack includes one nozzles sized to your choice.

E3D Volcano Print Times

Volcano Is the Answer

Volcano Print

Volcano allows you to print at layer heights never thought possible before, and extrude much more plastic per second. The results is print times are reduced by more than half.

Not only does Volcano reduce print time, it also dramatically increases layer adhesion. The outcome is parts that feel much more solid and are extremely strong.

Time to print objects increases exponentially with size, printers are are getting larger, so to are the objects. The E3D Volcano makes super large format 3D printing possible, and slashes print times in half compared to a standard hotend.

Even though prints are made with large layer heights, this doesn't mean the prints are ugly. The large layers actually have the opposite effect, giving a shiny gloss with a smooth appearance. A correctly calibrated machine can still have a +/- 0.1mm accuracy.

What You Will Be Getting

1 x E3D Volcano Heater Block, with one Volcano brass nozzle of chosen orifice size.

1 x 30W Cartridge Heater to chosen voltage.

1 x Thermistor Sensor Cartridge

1 x Fixings Kit

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