E3D PT100 Temperature Sensor – Genuine | UK
E3D PT100 Sensor Cartridge
E3D PT100 Sensor Cartridge

E3D PT100 Sensor Cartridge

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E3D PT100 Sensor Cartridge

Much higher temperatures and better accuracy is achievable with a PT100 temperature sensor. PT100 sensors can measure up to and beyond 400ºC and are much more accurate than thermistors and thermocouples.

These are easily clamped in place using a grub screw on the new E3D v6 sensor block design.

A PT100 will usually require an amplifier board to make it compatible with your 3D printer controller.

The Ultimaker 2 uses a PT100 sensor, this sensor will allow you to easily connect your E3D Hotend to an Ultimaker 2 with no alterations.

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