uStepper Stepstick 3D Printer Shield - Closed Loop Control
uStepper 3D Stepstick Shield

uStepper 3D Stepstick Shield

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uStepper 3D Stepstick Shield

Most 3D Printer and CNC users have experienced skipped steps in their linear motion control. The uStepper Stepstick shield aims to solve this problem with drop in parts. The uStepper has a 12 bit rotary encoder built to track motor movement. This is good for single motor applications, but not useful in the case of a full machine.

By adding a uStepper onto the motor on your machine, and then replace the standard stepstick driver with a uStepper StepStick Shield, you have the building blocks for closed loop control. The final parts are to have a uStepper 3D Shield plugged into the uStepper, use a straight RJ-45 cable to connect the two. Then finnaly adjust your code following the video guide - and closed loop control is now yours!

When mounting the uStepper Stepstick Shield insure you correctly orient it so the enable pin matches the enable pin on the controller.

The uStepper Stepstick driver also comes in left or right orientations, this is needed for example if you have two rows of drivers, you will need opposite orientations in each row so there is enough room for the RJ-45 cable connection.

To setup one axis with closed loop control you will need:

- 1 x uStepper Controller

- 1 x uStepper Stepstick Shield (Either Left or Right)

- 1 x uStepper 3D Shield

- 1 x RJ-45 Cable

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