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OX CNC Router Mounting Add-On Kit
About this Add-On KitThis OX CNC Machine Add-On kit provides all the mounting hardware..
Ex Tax: £40.00
Prusa i3 6mm Heated Bed Support
A quality printer deserves a solid, good looking frame, our Prusa i3 frame ticks both theses bo..
Ex Tax: £14.58
CNC Dust Shoe
AboutCNC Machining is naturally a messy job, containing and removing the cutting debri..
Ex Tax: £137.50
NEMA23 ACME Lead Screw Linear Actuator
AboutThis ACME Lead screw driven linear actuator uses standard v-slot parts to create ..
Ex Tax: £70.83
Prusa i3 Precision Hardened Steel Smooth Rods Kit
Our 8mm Linear Motion Precision Ground Hardened Steel Shafts are perfect for the Prusa i3 when used ..
Ex Tax: £30.83
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Prusa i3 Threaded Rods Kit
The threaded rods on a Prusa i3 make up the Y-Axis base and provide the Z-Axis Linear Motion. The th..
Ex Tax: £16.67
Dewalt D26200 Compact Router
The Dewalt D26200 Compact router has full wave electronic speed control, with feedback control to in..
Ex Tax: £132.50
OX CNC Aluminium Plates Kit
About the OXNote: This kit is included in our mechanical & full kit.The ooznest ..
Ex Tax: £145.83
Cut2D CAM Software
AboutCut2D by Vectric is an incredibly powerful but intuitive CAM solution for cutting..
Ex Tax: £110.00
uStepper Robot Arm
AboutThe uStepper Robot arm is a 3D Printed programmable arm. It is an ideal learning ..
Ex Tax: £137.50
VCarve CAM Software
AboutVCarve is an easy to use but still very powerful piece of software for creating too..
Ex Tax: £275.00
Aspire CAM Software
AboutBuilt on the same platform as the VCarve Software, Aspire has the same intuitive in..
Ex Tax: £1,500.00
CNC Dust Shoe Replacement Brush
Replacement 2" nylon brush strip for our CNC Dust shoes. Pull the existing one free from the gl..
Ex Tax: £29.17


A revolution is coming… one where our 2D thoughts are turned into 3D realities and where you have full control of your creative experiments, with a little help from an online expert community that loves to share what we do. Ooznest is a proud cog in that machine - supplying the 3D printing community with what they need to grow and thrive.


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