CNC Dust Shoe Boot – Removable Brushes

CNC Dust Shoe

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CNC Dust Shoe


CNC Machining is naturally a messy job, containing and removing the cutting debris with a CNC Dust Shoe will keep the machine clean and allow it to run much smoother. A cleaner machine will also mean the mechanical parts will wear significantly less. The Dust shoe will also create a vacuum environment for the cut, removing chips and thus removing heat, this will improve cutting performance and increase the milling bit life span. If you are considering to use the any CNC Machine in a production environment we would highly recommend using a CNC Dust shoe.

Our split-shoe is specially designed for smaller CNC Machines like the OX, and will clamp around any 69mm outer diameter router, this includes the DeWalt D26200. It has a clear arcylic plate that allows the cut to be viewed during operation, and a 2” brush that magnetically attaches to the upper plate. The removable brush ring allows for quick and easy access to change the bit. The vacuum outlet is 2-1/2”.

CNC Dust Shoe

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