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The D-Bot 3D Printer is based on the C-Bot by Carl Feniak on the Openbuilds forum. The C-Bot is a Core XY 3D Printer designed using the Openbuilds V-Slot extrusion system and other opensource hardware. The design goals of the C-Bot were to make a clean, adaptable, & customisable 3D Printer.

The D-Bot is one of the most popular and well documented iterations of the original C-Bot. The D-Bot was designed by Spauda01 on Thingiverse, and has not only created a truly great printer, but has written a comprehensive instruction manual, bill of materials, and firmware.

The aims of the D-Bot 3D printer are to create a more stabilised cantilevered build platform and reduce the cost of the printer by making design changes that did not impact on performance.

The D-Bot has a build volume of 300 x 200 x 325mm, uses the V-Slot extrusion through out, can be easily accessed/modified, and has a massive community behind it.

Through popular demand we have decided to offer various bundles for the D-Bot 3D Printer. Note that these are only bundles we are offering, and should not be classed as kits.