Press Release: Ooznest Launches WorkBee Z1+

24th August 2021
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Ooznest Launches WorkBee Z1+
Ooznest has taken its popular WorkBee CNC Machine up a gear with the new and improved WorkBee Z1+ , adding upgraded features of mechanics, power and safety, giving improved performance and productivity to Hobbyists, Makers, Businesses and Classrooms everywhere!

Launch offer
10% off base price* + Free Worldwide Shipping

Available to Pre-Order from 24th August

Pre-Order price from £1001.25 (£1201.50 Inc VAT)

To start shipping from 27th September.

* 10% off does not apply to optional extras.  Offer available until 26th September 2021.

Watch The WorkBee Z1+ Promo Video

About the WorkBee Z1+

The Original WorkBee Z1+ CNC Machine sets the new standard for what to expect from a full CNC Machine Kit that doesn’t break the bank. It has the ability to cut, carve and engrave with ease, a WorkBee Z1+ allows users to manufacture their ideas, they can make engineering parts, signs, toys, furniture and more…

Key features

  • Large work area – capable of cutting up to 4’ x 4’ (8’ x 4’ using tiling functions).
  • X, Y & Z-Axis unique Lead screw drive system – achieves 0.1mm accuracy or greater.
  • Onboard toolpath file storage – for wireless machining over Wifi. Control the WorkBee from a computer, tablet or phone. Direct to computer Ethernet version available.
  • Range of sizes to suit everyone – 500x500mm, 750x750mm, 750x1000mm, 1000x1000mm, 1000x1500mm and 1500x1500mm. 
  • Cut a wide range of materials – woods, plastics, foams and aluminium.

With many customisable options, the WorkBee Z1+ is the ideal choice for Hobbyists, Makers and Educational settings.

For Businesses, the WorkBee Z1+ is the perfect workshop companion for repetitive production and allows manufacturing to be brought back in-house.

What makes this model the +?

The WorkBee Z1+ boasts these new main features:

  • Mightier Meanwell Power supply – Totally dust tight with a vacuum seal – IP65 rated.
  • Emergency Stop – Added safety, a must-have for education and business.
  • Thrust Bearing System – Smoother running than ever before with reductions in vibrations and noise. Minimises forces on the radial bearings for reduced maintenance.
  • Controller Case – Giving the 32-bit ARM Based Duet controller added protection from the inevitable dust and debris.

Plus all of these:

  • Stainless Steel Bolts
  • Firmware & Software updates
  • New Spoilerboard System
  • Easier Drag Chain assembly
  • Improved Cable Management
  • Assembly Changes
  • Reduced Part Count
  • Router Mount Included
  • Free End Mill included
  • Mafell Spindle option
  • Carveco software option
  • Wheel Adjustment Spanner

In-depth details on the new features can be found on Ooznest’s Blog Post.

Already have a WorkBee? – no problem, Ooznest have made a lot of these new upgrades backwards compatible so existing WorkBee owners can also update their machines and benefit from the new features!

Ryan Lock, Ooznest Director said:
“The WorkBee allows people to take their first steps into the world of CNC. We have seen a big community grow around the WorkBee and love seeing makers push its capabilities.
We have listened to feedback from 1000s of WorkBee owners and produced the Z1+, with its improved performance and features it will be the perfect choice for a whole range of sectors, applications and budgets”

Customer support
A UK based support team are available to help with all queries related to the build and use of the WorkBee Z1+.

The WorkBee Z1+ comes with a 1 Year warranty.

About Ooznest
Ooznest are a UK based designer and manufacturer of the WorkBee CNC Machine and also supply a range of CNC, 3D Printing, Mechanical, Electronic and Maker related parts and consumables.

Supplying to Hobbyists, Makers, Businesses, Universities, Schools and Workshops all over the globe, Ooznest are a proud cog in the community to make 2D Thoughts turn into 3D realities.

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