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E3D Extruders

A reliable printer requires a reliable extruder, and E3D's Titan Extruder is exactly that. With a 3:1 gear ratio, it is designed for high power, but not at the expense of slow retractions. The titan offers an extremely light setup when used as a direct drive, and packs a punch when used in a bowden configuration.

A fully guided filament path enables it to reliably print all the filaments on the market. The tooth profile on the hobbed pulley has been specially designed to efficiently transfer torque, but also to not clog up with filament debris. The Titan extruder can print metal filled and cabon filled filaments with ease.

E3D Titan Gearing
Titan Hotend Mounting

Add Titan to E3D

The Titan Extruder is a superb addition to the E3D ECO System, with a universal groovemount mounting system, it can be universally used as a 1.75 & 3.00mm direct drive and bowden extruder. Combine the Titan with an E3D Hotend will surely take your 3D Printer to the next level, and open up the doors to print all the exotic filaments available.

At Ooznest we want to make is as easy as possible for you to get all the parts you need for your 3D Printer. From kits to spares, we have worked hard to bring the complete range of E3D Titan Extruder products to our site. We aim to keep everything in stock, no matter how small the item. If you need more information, or have any questions, please contact us today.

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