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Fixings & Spacers

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Aluminium Spacers
These spacers come in handy for so many projects it is unbelievable. They are used on wheel assembli..
Ex Tax: £0.22
M5 Low Profile Bolts
These Low Profile M5 Bolts are great for any project, the low profile head insures there is plenty o..
Ex Tax: £0.18
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8mm Shim Spacer
8mm Shim for use as a spacer on 8mm ACME Threaded Rod, to seperate the lock collar and 688zz bearing..
Ex Tax: £0.44
M3 Cap Head Bolts - Black
These M3 Cap Head Screws can be used in many situations when combined with V-Slot Extrusion and our ..
Ex Tax: £0.26
M3 Cap Head Bolts - Clear
These M3 A2 Socket head cap screws can be used in a variety of applications in any machine, from mou..
Ex Tax: £0.07
M3 Socket Head Bolts
These socket head screws are used in many applications including mounting NEMA17 Stepper Motors and ..
Ex Tax: £0.11
Mini V Precision Shim
These Mini V Precision Shims are used in the Mini V Wheel Kits but can also be used in many other ap..
Ex Tax: £0.26
Nylon Spacers
These Nylon Spacers have many applications and are always handy, they are suitable for M5 Bolts and ..
Ex Tax: £0.23
Precision Shim
Precision Shim 10x5x1mm are used as a spacer between the bearings in V-Slot Wheels, they can also be..
Ex Tax: £0.28
Self Tapping Screws
These Self Tapping Screws are for 4.2mm diameter holes and completely eliminate the need to do ..
Ex Tax: £0.24
Slot Washer
These Slot Washers can be used to bridge the V-Slot to allow for mounting of various components, the..
Ex Tax: £0.28
M5 Set Screw
M5 Set Screw that can be used on many Openbuilds V-Slot products, and will come in handy on a lot of..
Ex Tax: £0.11
Nyloc Nuts
These Stainless Steel A2 Nyloc Nuts can be used in a variety of situations, especially where vibrati..
Ex Tax: £0.07
Hex Nuts
These Stainless Steel A2 Hex Nuts can be used in a variety of situations. Especially where a lo..
Ex Tax: £0.04
Form A Washers
Stainless Steel Stamped A2 Form A Washers can be used in a variety of non precise situations. ..
Ex Tax: £0.01


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