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32-Bit Electronics

32-Bit Electronics

32-bit electronics is the future of 3D printers. With 8-bit electronics struggling to keep up with the new generation of 3D printers and firmware’s, a more power electronic controller is needed. When using an 8-bit controller the stepping limit is about 16000 steps/s, this means up to 1/32 microstepping is possible. 400000 steps/s is possible with a 32-bit controller board, therefore microstepping of 1/64 or even 1/128 is achievable. A 32-bit 3D printer controller allows you to unleash the full potential of your 3D printer.

Our feature 32-bit controller is RADDS (RepRap Arduino-Due Driver Shield). RADDS is now up to version 1.5, and is now in a position to be considered a rock solid reliable 32-bit controller. RADDS is similar to RAMPS, but instead of sitting on top of an 8-bit MEGA2560, RADDS interfaces with a much more power 32-bit Arduino Due. Up to 3 independent extruders are controllable with RADDS, with 2 PWM controllable fans, and a heated bed. In addition, 15A can be supplied to the heated bed without a MOSFET heatsink needed, this eliminates the need for a SSR with large heated beds.

RADDS 3D Printer Controller Board

32-Bit 3D Printer Parts

RADDS LCD Controller

Most 32-bit controllers have an operating voltage of 3.3V, this is different to the 5V used on most 8-bit controllers. This means if you are switching from an 8-bit system to a 32-bit one, then some of your electronics may not be compatible, such as endstops or LCD Controllers. In most cases with a simple hack they can be made compatible. If you prefer a plug and play solution, we stock 32-bit ready Hall Effect Endstops and LCD Smart Controller. These items will work with RADDS and most 32-bit controllers without any modifications needed.

All our stepper drivers will work with RADDS, but to take full advantage of the power on offer we recommend using either RAPS128 or Silencioso drivers which are capable of much higher microstepping.

At Ooznest we want to supply you with all the electronic parts you need to bring your 3D printer to life. We always have the future in mind and keep a keen eye on the new technologies that are available. If there is anything you would like us to stock, we would love to hear from you. For more information on our 32-bit controllers or any other parts on our store, feel free to contact us today.

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