The WorkBee Z1+ CNC Machine is the best we have ever released. We wanted to make it as good as it can be, whilst still maintaining the affordable price tag.

As ever, we wanted as many upgrades as possible to be compatible with the previous version of the WorkBee CNC Machine. This allows existing WorkBee owners to take advantage of some of the awesome new features of the new Z1+!

The main WorkBee Z1+ upgrades are the Power Supply + Emergency Stop, Thrust Bearings and Controller Case.

WorkBee Z1+ Controller Case
WorkBee Z1+ Power Supply & Emergency Stop

Power Supply + Emergency Stop - The WorkBee Z1+ CNC Machine makes use of the mighty Meanwell HLG Series Power supply. As part of the power supply upgrade, an Emergency Stop Push Button has been added for extra safety when using the WorkBee CNC Machine.

Thrust Bearings - Lead screws are still used on the WorkBee Z1+. But Thrust Bearings have now been added. The WorkBee CNC Machine will run quieter and smoother than ever before, with the added benefit of less maintenance. 

Controller Case - The Duet deserves a case. The case has been bespoke designed for the WorkBee CNC Machine. It will help to keep the Duet controller cool and clean!


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