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RepRapDiscount are a Chinese manufacturer of high quality 3D Printer parts. Unlike most chinese manufacturers, RepRapDiscount develop new and exciting opensource products on their own, and with other 3D Printer manufacturers around the world. We have partnered with RepRapDiscount to bring their range of products to the UK and Europe, this enables you to receive your items quickly, and with full UK based support.

One notable product manufactured by RepRapDiscount is the 3D Printer hexagon all metal hotend. Their latest version was developed in conjunction with the highly respected Lulzbot 3D printer manufacturer. The hexagon range of hotends, are extremely capable at printing a wide range of materials, and are very reliable. They are much more cost efficient than other all metal hotends on the market, making them an ideal choice for anyone on a tight budget.


At Ooznest we aim to stock a wide range of parts to suit as many needs as possible. The RUMBA 3D Printer controller board is another example of an excellent product developed by RepRapDiscount. The RUMBA combines an Arduino MEGA2560 and stepper driver shield into a single PCB, capable of running 6 independent axes.

If you have any questions regarding our range of RepRapDiscount products, then feel free to get in touch with a friendly member of our team today.

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Heater Blocks & Socks

Hexagon AO Hotend Heater Block

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