Two New Linear Rails!

Two New Linear Rails!

Two New Linear Rails!

Two new rails are now available from our shop from today! The first new addition is 40x40mm V-Slot extrusion available in 500/1000/1500mm lengths, with our cutting service for all in-between. 40x40 offers you a whole new set of possibilities for machines designs, and perfectly compliments our current range of aluminium extrusions. As guessed, 40x40 has the "V" groove on all 4 sides, allowing each to be used as a linear rail.

There is many great examples where 40x40 can be used. On kossel 3D printers, or any delta tower that uses aluminium extrusion, 15x15 or 20x20mm extrusions have traditionally been used. With 40x40mm extrusions, much larger kossel 3D printers can now be built, without compromising rigidity. Cube framed based 3D printers are now also much easier, a 40x40 extrusion can be used at each corner

The second of the two new rails is OpenRail in 500/1000/1500mm lengths. OpenRail is designed to be simply bolted to the outside of standard T-Slot extrusion. Once bolted to the outside, the pair can be used as a linear guide system. All Delrin, Metal and Xtreme Dual V Wheels can be used with OpenRail. Simple lead screw, or belt driven linear actuators are also possible, by combing OpenRail with the OpenRail gantry plates. These actuators could then be used on camera slider, CNC machine or 3D printers.



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