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Solid V Wheel

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Solid V Wheel

Solid V Wheels are a strong wheel that resists deflection and distributes loads, it is usually used when heavier loads are required and will compress less than the Dual V Wheel. If many of these wheels are added to a gantry plate it will allow for an even distribution of the load. They are also used on a belt and pinion system where a flat surface is needed for the belt to ride on.


-Wheel Option: Wheel Only OR Wheel Kit which includes:

- 1 x Solid V Wheel
- 2 x 625 2RS Bearings
- 2 x Precision Shims
- 1 x M5 Nyloc Nut

- Bolt: M5 Low profile bolt, 25mm for 1/8" plate OR 30mm for 1/4" plate.

- Spacer: Choose between an Aluminium spacer or Eccentric Spacer, in either 6mm or 1/4" length. 1/4" gives slightly more clearance under the gantry. On a usual setup you will have Aluminium Spacers on one side of the gantry, and matching Eccentric Spacers on the other side to remove any wobble.

You can choose 'None' on both bolt and spacer options and buy other sizes of M5 Low Profile Bolts and Aluminium Spacers to suit your machine requirements.

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