RAMPS 1.4 12V Fan Extender

RAMPS 1.4 12V Fan Extender

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RAMPS 1.4 12V Fan Extender

Our RAMPS 1.4 Fan splitter is ideal if you have a dual extruder 3D Printer, or need two fans running on your 3D Printer. This fan splitter redirects the fan to the D4 output allowing 12V PWN control over 2 fans (Max 0.5A per channel).


Plug the RAMPS fan extender board into the D4 pins on your RAMPS Board. With the 12V cable provided connect the +/- 12V pins on the fan extender to the D2 pins on the RAMPS Board (2 Pin header provided if no pins soldered on D2).

If your using dual extruders change Motherboard to 34 in Marlin Firmware. If using 1 extruder but need 2 fans, in Pins.h file under #if MOTHERBOARD == 33 || MOTHERBOARD == 35 change #define FAN_PIN 9 to #define FAN_PIN 4.

Connect 1 or 2 Fans to FAN 1 or FAN 2 labelled on the fan extender, use gcode commands M106 to control Fan 1 and M42 P5 to control Fan 2.

What You Will Be Getting

- 1 x Fan Extender Assembled PCB

- 1 x 12V Connection Wire

- 2 x 12V DC 40mm Fan (Optional)

- 1 x 2 Pin Header

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