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Getting your 3D Prints to stick is one of the most frustrating parts of 3D Printing. Trying all types of techniques, such as kapton tape, hairspray, or glue, just never seen to be adequate enough. LokBuild is Steelmans3D solution to this problem. LokBuild is an easy to apply build surface that ensures 3D Models adhere, but can be easy removed.

LokBuild can be easily cut to the exact size of your print area, and simply sticks using a heat resistant adhesive backing. It removes the need to use any other techniques to make prints stick, but allows easy part removal. LokBuild is being constantly tested with new materials, here is a list of successfully tested materials: ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET, CF-XT, CF-nGen, Polycarbonate, Ninjaflex, and more...

Similar solutions relying on the nozzle height being perfectly accurate, to high and the model will not stick, too close and the print is impossible to remove. LokBuild is much more durable and much more forgiving, making the level of calibration a simpler process.

Why LokBuild?

Why LokBuild

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