C-Beam Linear Actuator Kit

C-Beam Linear Actuator Kit

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C-Beam Linear Actuator Kit


This kit combines the unique C-Beam linear rail with the C-Beam end mounts and gantry plate, plus other v-slot components, to make a simple linear actuator. This linear actuator can be used on a CNC machine, 3D printer, or even as a compact camera slider.

C-Beam has added strength through a C-Shape profile, and utilise the V-Slot system on all sides. This allows you to use V-Slot and C-Beam hand in hand on the same machine.

In this linear actuator kit, an ACME Lead screw system is used, driven by an optional NEMA23 stepper motor. This combination gives you a lot of power and precise movements.

The linear actuator is available in standard lengths of 250/500/1000mm. If you need it to a precise size, other than the standard lengths, for an additional cost, our cutting service is available. If you choose to have the cutting service, we will also cut the ACME Lead Screw to the appropriate length.

The length of the linear actuator is not the travel distance. The travel distance is calculated by subtracting 100mm from the length. The standard lengths above will have travel distances of 150/400/900mm.

Extra Options

Gantry Plate

We offer three options for the gantry plate. The standard Single C-Beam Gantry Plate, which utilises 4 Mini V Xtreme wheels, and is our most compact solution and provides the longest actuator travel distances.

The second option is a specially designed Double C-Beam Gantry Plate, this is well suited for the Z-Axis on CNC Machines, or any motion which requires a very strong and sturdy platform. It comes with 8 Mini V Xtreme wheels allowing it to withstand much greater loads. Using this gantry plate will reduce the maximum travel distance of the actuators by an additional 78mm.

The final option is the XL Gantry plate, which use 6 of the larger Solid V Xtreme wheels which engage with the outside of the C-Beam Linear rail rather than the inner, as the previous two do. The XL Gantry plate has been designed in such a way that they can be mounted 90 degrees to each other allowing for a excellent XY or XZ Configuration. Using this gantry plate will reduce the maximum travel distance of the actuators by an additional 47mm.

C-Beam Double Gantry Plate
C-Beam XL Gantry Plate
C-Beam Shield

C-Beam Shield

This add-on provides a cover for the 'C' channel of the actuator stopping unwanted debris from falling onto the ACME lead screw and wheels, increasing the accuracy and life span of the actuator. In addition it also provides a very clean finish!

NOTE: Price of this option varies between £20 - £34 Inc Vat depending on the length and gantry type of the C-Beam Linear Actuator. This add-on is only available for the 250mm and 500mm actuator lengths. It is available for both the single and double gantry plate options only, it is not compatible with the XL gantry plate. Also if the cutting service is chosen, we cannot cut down the C-Beam shield the match your entered length.

C-Beam Motor Standoff

The high torque belt motor stand off kit make use of the high torque series GT3 timing belt and pulley with the standoff plate, to create a reducing system which provides a 1:1 reduction ratio on the motor. This allows you to flip the motor 180 degrees and tuck it behind the extrusion on your C-Beam linear actuator.

If this option is chosen, all parts are still provided to build the C-Beam Linear Actuator without this reducer

C-Beam Motor Standoff

Stepper Motor

For the motor there are multiple of options available. The first option is to have the linear actuator without a stepper motor, if you choose this option the hardware to mount the motor, and motion parts are still provided.

The second option is a stepper motor included. Stepper motors ideally need to be run from a controller with a stepper driver, the controller is not included with this option.

The final option is a stepper motor with a uStepper controller. The uStepper is an ultra compact stepper motor controller board, it is Arduino compatible with a built in stepper driver, it can be mounted directly on to the back of the stepper motor. In addition to this it also has a 12bit rotary encoder, this allows absolute position tracking of the motor shaft making missed stepped detection possible. The uStepper also has a built in temperature sensor next to the stepper driver, allowing for continuous temperature monitoring.

The uStepper needs to be programmed through the Arduino IDE to carry out the operations you require. To simplify this an Arduino library is available for uStepper which provides functions for all the main features.

The EGO Shield for the uStepper, is a 4 push button integrated OLED Screen shield for the uStepper. This allows basic control of the actuator without progamming knowledge. See related products below to find out more.

The uStepper has a max current output of 2A, therefore it can only be used with our 175oz 2.0A NEMA23 Stepper motor.

For more information about the uStepper visit the product page: www.ooznest.co.uk/uStepper-Controller-Board

uStepper Motor Controller
uStepper Motor Controller Mounted


Minimal tools are needed, 3mm & 1.5mm Allen Keys, 8mm & 10mm Spanners, fine grit sand paper.

This is a very simple kit to build. Mark Carew, of Openbuilds, has made an excellent instruction video showing you how to build this linear actuator. This video can be found in the tab named “Instructions” directly under the thumbnail pictures above.

What You Will Be Getting

Everything to build a C-Beam linear actuator as to Mark Carew's specification, using an ACME lead screw, and Xtreme mini V wheels. A NEMA23 stepper motor is an optional addition, if you choose not to have a NEMA23 stepper motor, you will still get the mounting hardware.

Check the "Parts List" tab above to see what exactly you will be getting

(Optional) NEMA23-Stepper-Motor
C-Beam Linear Rail

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