24V 350W Power Supply

24V 350W Power Supply

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24V 350W Power Supply

24V 350W Power supply, ideal for powering RepRap 3D Printers, CNC Machines and other electronics. 350W is more than enough power for a RepRap 3D Printer, including 5 Motors, Extruder, Heated bed and More. Manufactured to a very high quality from a reputable supplier.

Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Output Current
Size (L x W x D)
Shell Material
Working Temperature
Switching 100V – 240V AC
24V DC (Adjustable)
0 - 14.6A
215 x 115 x 50 mm
Metal Case / Aluminium Base
0 - 55 ºC
Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature

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