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OpenRail - 1000mm

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OpenRail - 1000mm


OpenRail is designed to be attached to standard T-Slot aluminium extrusion to create a universal linear rail system. OpenRail is manufactured from 6061-T5 aluminium, with an extremely hard Type III anodize coating.

Linear motion systems can be easily assembled using standard M5 Bolts and T-Nuts. Delrin, Metal, or Xtreme Dual V Wheels can all be used with OpenRail to provide extremely smooth and precise motion. When combined with OpenRail gantry plates, you can create simple belt or lead screw driven linear actuators. OpenRail enables the possibility of creating a huge variety of machines including 3D Printers, CNC Machines, and Camera Sliders.


OpenRail will work with most types of T-Slot aluminium extrusion, the list below summarises the most popular. Please download the Sketchup model from the “Downloads” tab above to see full range.


- All V-Slot sizes
- MK
- Bosch
- Misumi Series 5
- OpenBeam – Double stacked OpenRail
- MakerBeam – Double stacked OpenRail

To save you time and effort we now offer a cutting service for a price of £1.20 Inc Vat per precision length, the instructions below will outline how to use our cutting service.

1) If you do not want a cutting service, in the option box “Cutting Service” please select “No” and we will ship your OpenRail as a full length. If you want us to cut your OpenRail please select “Yes”

If you selected “Yes” please work out the number of precision lengths you need (Do not count offcuts as a precision length). For instance if you want a 1000mm rail cut in to 2 x 200mm + 1 x 550mm + a offcut, this is 3 precision lengths, we will still send you the offcuts.

The total length of all the precision lengths added together must be less than the total rail length, please bear in mind that the blade we use to cut the rails has a thickness of 3mm, for example if you require 3 precision lengths, this requires 3 cuts, hence the maximum length of rail you have to work with is reduced by 3 x 3mm = 9mm. Check that your lengths satisfy the formula below

(Total length of precision lengths) “IS LESS THAN” (Rail Length) – (Number of Precision Lengths * 3mm)

2) In the option box “Number of precision lengths” please enter the number of precision lengths you want.

3) Fill out the boxes labeled “length 1” “length 2” etc, with the precision lengths you want, for instance in the example above you would enter 200mm into “length 1”, 200mm into “length 2”, and 550mm into “length 3”, leave any boxes not needed empty. Only enter Whole numbers and do NOT enter the offcut length into any box.


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