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C-Beam is a revolutionary new addition to the V-Slot range of products. C-Beam takes advantage of a C-Shape profile, to provide a very strong and compact linear rail. The V-Slot groove is used on all sides of the C-Beam, allowing each side to be used as a linear guide. C-Beam is available in a range of sizes from 250 – 1000mm, with our superb cutting service available to make all the sizes in between.

Specifically designed for C-Beam, the C-Beam End Mount & Gantry Plate allow for quick and easy assembly of a lead screw driven linear actuator. Using these accessories with a NEMA23 Stepper Motor & 8mm ACME Lead screw makes a compact and precise linear actuator, which can be used for 3D Printers, CNC Machine, Camera sliders, and other machines alike.

Using C-Beam to create a CNC Machine

C-Beam and V-Slot alike, can used hand in hand to create a wide range of 3D Printers & CNC Machines. The V-Slot range of products combines the frame and linear motion into one simple system, for easy machine assembly. Specifically on CNC Machines a C-Beam linear actuator can be used to mount the router to create a stiff Z-Axis. A C-Beam Linear actuator can alternately be used as an easily assembled camera slider, to provide smooth linear motion in a wide range of environments.

At ooznest we want to provide you with parts needed to create the machines you desire. If you have any questions or need help feel free to get in contact with us!

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