V-Slot Linear Rail - Black - 20x40x250mm

V-Slot Linear Rail - Black - 20x40x250mm

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V-Slot Linear Rail - Black - 20x40x250mm


V-Slot is a high quality extruded aluminium profile with a "V" groove on all 4 sides. This "V" groove provides extremely smooth and accurate linear motion. V-Slot can be used as the building block for many machines including:


- 3D Printers
- CNC Machines
- Laser Cutters
- Camera Sliders
- Robotics

Check out www.openbuilds.com for many more!

Building with V-Slot is very similar to the traditional T-Slot, it can be cut and connected simply like a jigsaw puzzle. Like T-Slot, V-Slot can provide the solid base of a machine, but the "V" groove adds functionality for linear motion applications, and ultimately reducing your part count.

To compliment the V-Slot linear rails, we offer a hugely diverse range of specifically designed V-Slot accessories, from wheels to brackets. You can be sure that you can find the right combination of parts from our store to create the perfect machine for you, may it be a camera slider, or complex 3D printer.

V-Slot is an entirely new concept in building and will bring your dream projects to life. Professionals, hobbyists, and makers are sure to love it!

Technical Specification

Manufactured from 6063 T-5 Aluminium, V-Slot has a shiny, smooth, black anodized finish. 

Please note, that we don't guarantee the length of the rail will be exactly the stated length, they are usually a couple of millimeters over. However we do guarantee that they will be equal to or greater than the stated length. If you need it to be an exact length, please use our cutting service.

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