Shims & Spacers

Shims & Spacers

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Aluminium Spacers
These spacers come in handy for so many projects it is unbelievable. They are used on wheel assembli..
Ex Tax: £0.22
8mm Shim Spacer
8mm Shim for use as a spacer on 8mm ACME Threaded Rod, to seperate the lock collar and 688zz bearing..
Ex Tax: £0.44
Mini V Precision Shim
These Mini V Precision Shims are used in the Mini V Wheel Kits but can also be used in many other ap..
Ex Tax: £0.26
Nylon Spacers
These Nylon Spacers have many applications and are always handy, they are suitable for M5 Bolts and ..
Ex Tax: £0.23
Precision Shim
Precision Shim 10x5x1mm are used as a spacer between the bearings in V-Slot Wheels, they can also be..
Ex Tax: £0.28
Slot Washer
These Slot Washers can be used to bridge the V-Slot to allow for mounting of various components, the..
Ex Tax: £0.28
Spacer Block
This Spacer Block was designed to be used in conjunction with V-Slot Gantry Plate to raise it by 12m..
Ex Tax: £3.67
Eccentric Spacer
Eccentric Spacers are the perfect solution to adjust your V-Slot Wheels on to your V-Slot Extrus..
Ex Tax: £1.83


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