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Many maker machines especially CNC and 3D printers require precise linear motion, this can often be expensive. OpenRail can be attached to most T-Slot aluminium extrusions designs, standard T-Slot is often relatively cheap. Manufactured from 6061-T5 aluminium, OpenRail has an extremely hard Type III anodize coating. This coating allows the use of plastic and metal V wheels to provide smooth linear motion.

Hobby DIY CNC machines are becoming more and more popular, OpenRail opens up the possibilities for a whole range of these machines. Using Xtreme Dual V Wheels with OpenRail provides the best combination for minimal flex and wear.

3D Printer Parts from Ooznest

At Ooznest we stock a range of 3D printers which are sure to meet your requirements. The OpenRail gantry plates are specifically designed to be used with OpenRail, and provide a stable platform to mount heated beds and extruders. OpenRail will allow you to create a 3D Printer with super smooth and accurate motion, allowing you to get the perfect prints you hope for!

Our team at Ooznest are always here to help. If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please get in touch via either email or phone.

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