J-Head Mk V-BV Hot-end

J-Head Mk V-BV Hot-end

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J-Head Mk V-BV Hot-end

Our J-Heads Mk V-BV are manufactured in America by the J-Head designer at Reifsnyder Precision Works, which guarantees one of the highest quality and most reliable J-Heads around.

The J-Head Mk V-BV is proven to print reliably with both ABS and PLA (PLA may require a small fan to provide air flow through the cooling vents on the side of the nozzle)

This hot-end is compatible with the groovemount system allowing it to mount to most of the popular extruders.

Please note: The maximum operating temperature is 247ºC as PEEK will soften at 248 degrees Celsius. Due to many variables which can affect the accuracy of the temperature readings, caution is recommended when extruding at temperatures approaching this limit.

What You Will Be Getting

- 1 x Assembled J-Head Mk V-BV Hot-end

- 1 x 12V 5W 5.6 ohm Power Resistor (Part No UB5C-5.6-ND)

- 1 x 100k Semitec Thermistor (Part No 104GT-2 / Table 5 in Marlin and Sprinter)

- PTFE Insulation for Resistor and Thermistor

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