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E3D Dual Extrusion+

E3D Dual Extrusion+

Dual extrusion 3D Printing opens up brand new possibilities no seen on 3D printers before. With dual extrusion you can print multiple materials, multiple colours, and dedicated support material on a single object. Multi-material printing is where dual extrusion really excels, imagine being able to print a wheel in a single print with a carbon fibre core, and rubber tyre. Support material will also be a thing of the past, no longer are the supports printed in the same material as your print, support material can now be printed in dis-solvable materials, picking away plastic is an ancient process.

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E3D Chimera+ Full Kit
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Ex Tax: £65.00
E3D Cyclops+ Full Kit
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Ex Tax: £84.49
E3D Water Cooling Kit
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E3D Cyclops/Cyclops+ Heat Break
Replacement heat break for the Cyclops+ and Cyclops aqua dual input system. This is for an individua..
Ex Tax: £12.00
E3D Cyclops Brass Nozzle
Replacement 0.4mm brass nozzle specifically for the Cyclops hotend. ..
Ex Tax: £7.50


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