E3D v6 Titanium Heat Break -1.75mm - Genuine - UK Stock
E3D v6 Titanium Heat Break - 1.75mm

E3D v6 Titanium Heat Break - 1.75mm

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E3D v6 Titanium Heat Break - 1.75mm

E3D v6 replacement heat break, universal to direct or bowden hotends.

For the v6 hotend the manufacturing process has been overhauled to produce a internal surface finish better than ever before. Extrusion force and improved reliability are a result.

The Titanium heat break are a superior upgrade to the stainless steels heat breaks provided by default with the V6 E3D Hotend. Manufactured from Grade 5 Titanium, these V6 Heat breaks have low thermal conductivity meaning the cold side of the hotend can be kept even colder. A colder cold side, gives alot greater extrusion control, due to a sharp meltzone within the hot side. Titanium is also inherently more stronger, so they are less likely to snap during printing or maintenance.

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