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PrintBite is latest product from Mutley3D. It is a print bed surface that is compatible with all materials and printers. PrintBite is self release, meaning as the bed cools the parts will simply come off. This system leaves the bottom of the print blemish free. PrintBite is clear with a printed grid pattern. It can simply be cut to size using scissors and is available in a matt or gloss finish.

It is compatible with bed levelling and surface probe systems including PINDA, Inductive, Infra-red and Piezo.

Please Note the 500x500mm sheet comes without the printed grid.

PrintBite Features:

- Lifetime adhesion
- High wear resistance
- More durable than PEI, and compatible with a wider range of materials
- Only 0.4mm thick, making it compatible with Prusa MK2 3D Printers
- No tape required, comes with a high temperature adhesive back
- Self releasing system

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