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CNC xPro Controller V3

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CNC xPro Controller V3



The CNC xPro V3 Controller is a complete multi axis GRBL Controller. It is a specifically designed CNC Controller for applications that require precise motion control. The CNC xPro V3 is equipped with 4 embedded DRV8825 Stepper motor drivers capable of driving 4 small or large motors, this allows for a dual motor configuration on the X, Y or Z Axis. The latest version of GRBL is pre-flashed onto the CNC Controller, you only have to simply wire up your machine to get it working!

New on the V3 is:

- Improved FTDI serial USB interface.
- Auxiliary PC fan header (12/24VDC Depending on supply voltage).
- 100% Input buffering on limit switches.
- Step/Dir breakout pads to add external drivers.
- Z-Probe pin now accessible from screw terminal.
- Plus many other tweaks.

CNC xPro controller


- Integrated Motion Control, using the Atmel ATMega328 running at 16Mhz
- 4 Embedded DRV8825 Stepper Drivers with improved thermal management, capable of supplying 2.5A. Up to 1/32 micro stepping.
- 4th Driver can clone either the X,Y or Z Axis, or be used independently.
- 3 Mechanical Endstop inputs.
- Screw terminals or Terminal headers
- Power supplied from either an ATX PSU or 12-24V Power Supply
- 12V & 5V outputs for power accessories.
- Latest GRBL Pre-flashed
- G-Code From either the USB Port or Wireless (Xbee, WiFly, or RN42)


The CNC xPro controller comes pre-flashed with GRBL and interprets G-Code Commands. To send G-Code we recommended using either Universal G-Code Sender or Chilipeppr. Chilipeppr is especially good when combined with a Raspberry Pi running a JSON Server for wireless operation!

Please note that the CNC xPro is not compatible with Mach3

WARNING: GRBL Controller from, has in some instances bricked the CNC xPro V3. So please avoid using this G-Code sender.

For the latest xPro V3, $4 needs to be set to 1, and $10 also needs to be set to 1.


For initial setup please refer to the CNC xPro GitHub Wiki page

If you have any problems you can either contact us, or get help from the Openbuilds community, which have a thread dedicated to the CNC xPro. This can be found here:

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