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C-Beam Machine

C-Beam Machine

A Hobby CNC Mill

My makers experience the same problem, when working on a new project they need custom plates. Getting these one-off plates made by a machine shop is usually way too expensive, with long waits. Owning a Hobby CNC solves this problem, A C-Beam Machine gives the freedom to the maker to manufacture custom parts out of wood, plastic or aluminium.

The C-Beam machines uses standard off the shelf Openbuilds v-slot parts. C-Beam linear actuators provide the motion on all 3 axes, these use ACME lead screws and anti-backlash nut blocks to provide accurate cutting. V-Slot extrusions are used throughout machine to build up the frame, and the ‘V’ profile is incorporated into all sides of the C-Beam linear rails. As standard parts are used throughout, it is directly compatible with nearly every v-slot part we stock, making it highly hackable and customisable.

A fully working and cutting C-Beam machine can cost less the £1000, which is relatively in-expensive, and the added freedom to make the parts you need yourself,  owning this hobby CNC is sure to save you money in the long run.

C-Beam Machine
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C-Beam Machine Mechanical Kit
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C-Beam Machine XL Mechanical Kit
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