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Bondtech Extruders

Bondtech Extruders

To get the perfect print, a reliable extruder is needed. The Bondtech range of extruder's could be considered the most reliable on the market. All Bondtech Extruder's include a dual drive system that grips the filament from both sides, making slippage and grinding issues a thing of the past.

On all Bondtech extruder's the filament path if fully guided, this is critical to being able to print flexible filaments. The drive gears used inside the Bondtech extruder's are factory hardened, allowing the use of abrasive filaments without any significant wear.

Bondtech Drive Gears
Bondtech QR Extruder

Add Bondtech To Your 3D Printer

A Bondtech extruder is an excellent upgrade to any 3D Printer. If you are after a reliable printer which can print for hours or even days on end without skipping a beat, then a Bondtech extruder is the best choice for you. The QR & BMG extruder's will satisfy anyone's inner maker perfection needs.

Getting parts for your 3D Printer should not be difficult, and at Ooznest we aim to make this as simple as possible. From kits to spares, we have worked hard to bring the complete range of Bondtech Extruder products to our site. We aim to keep everything in stock, no matter how small the item. If you need more information, or have any questions, please contact us today.

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Bondtech QR Extruder
AboutCommon problems with todays extruder's are slippage, grinding, filament defor..
Ex Tax: £155.00
Bondtech BMG Extruder
AboutThe Bondtech BMG follows on from its predecessor the QR and squeezes the maximum ..
Ex Tax: £84.00
Bondtech Bowden Adaptor
Using a bowden adaptor is a very tidy solution for bowden based 3D printers. A bowden adaptor easily..
Ex Tax: £14.00
Bondtech BMG Aluminium Mount
A high spec extruder, needs a high spec mount. The Bondtech CNC Machined Aluminium mount is the perf..
Ex Tax: £19.50


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