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From the 25th - 28th September, some of the Ooznest team are at the TCT Show 2017. Due to this there will be some delays in answering phoncalls and emails. During this period the best way to contact us would be by email. However we promise to get around to everything, it just may take longer than usual. Thanks Ryan Lock - Ooznest.



Our range of B Grade Products are products which have comestic damages which make them unsellable in our normal ranges. All the products in this category have been checked to make sure they are in working order, so you can be sure you are still getting a great product but at a much lower price. Please read the description of each product which will outline any damages which may be present on the product.

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B-GRADE - Borosilicate Glass Build Plate's
B-GRADE: Comestic damages may include light scratches on the surface or small chips around the edges..
Ex Tax: £5.00


A revolution is coming… one where our 2D thoughts are turned into 3D realities and where you have full control of your creative experiments, with a little help from an online expert community that loves to share what we do. Ooznest is a proud cog in that machine - supplying the 3D printing community with what they need to grow and thrive.


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