ATX Adaptor Board

ATX Adaptor Board

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ATX Adaptor Board


Do you have an ATX power supply which you would like to re-purpose to be used on a 3D printer? Or some other workshop equipment? This ATX Adaptor board, allows you to hook up a standard 20 or 24 Pin ATX PSU, and get multiple voltage outputs without cutting or tampering with any wiring. Once the power supply is connected, a single button is provided to put the adaptor into or out of standby, in addition a PS_ON Pin is provided to externally control the ATX Board.

The board has dual 12V outputs, perfect for powering a 3D printer with an ATX power supply, ATX PSU's are much more reliable than a LED Power supply. This is a multifunctional board, and alongside a 3D printer it can also be used to power Arduino's, LED's, or Raspberry Pi's either via the terminals or USB connection.

Original Molex connectors are used throughout and a 2 ounce PCB is used for a strong board, with excellent heat dissipation.


- Compatible with 20 or 24 Pin ATX Power supply's.
- Button to turn on/off the board.
- PS_ON Pin to turn on/off the board.
- Dual 12V Outputs to operate a 3D Printer.
- Additional 5V, 3.3V, & -12V Terminal outputs.
- 5V Standby terminal output.
- 2 USB Outputs to charge phones or power Raspberry Pi's.
- Terminal outputs have 1.5A Protection fuses (Doesn't include 12V Outputs).
- Original Molex connectors used.
- 2 Ounce PCB.

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