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C-Beam Machine XL Mechanical Kit

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C-Beam Machine XL Mechanical Kit

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About The C-Beam Machine

The C-Beam Machine XL is the newly designed extra-large CNC Machine straight from the Openbuilds Community. In many projects it happens, that an off the shelf plate does not suit your needs, a C-Beam Machine XL is the solution to this problem. A C-Beam Machine XL offers the freedom to create the custom plates you need, right away, no long waits, no extortionate prices.

For the size and robustness, nothing on market compares at the same price point. The C-Beam Machine XL is relatively in-expensive, pair this mechanical kit with a controller, router, power supply and you have yourself a CNC milling machine for less than a £1500.

C-Beam Machine XL
C-Beam Machine XL Router

As in the name, the C-Beam Machine XL makes full use of the C-Beam linear rail, which in turn uses the proven to work v-slot profile. Combining the C-Beam linear rail with other standard parts, allows for easy ACME lead screw linear actuators to be created. Four C-Beam linear actuators are used on the XL to drive the X, Y(2) and Z axes. With the use of precise ACME lead screws, and anti-backlash ACME nut block systems, highly accurate parts can be manufactured with the C-Beam Machine XL.

What Is Different On The XL?

Apart from the max cutting size 750x330mm compared to 305x280mm on the original, it has many other beneficial upgrades. The main advantage on the XL is that all the lead screws are orientated to minimize the amount of cutting debris which can land on them, this is crucial for the long term accuracy and life span of the machine. The XL takes advantage of the latest C-Beam XL Gantry plate, this is a 1/4" thick aluminium plate, and is incredibly sturdy. Combined with Xtreme Solid V Wheels, this is an unbeatable setup. Lastly dual C-Beam actuators are used on the Y-Axis insuring there is enough power for even the toughest jobs.

XL C-Beam Machine


Craig Mills, a resident builder on the Openbuilds forum, in collaboration with Mark Carew, have made an excellent written instruction manual, which takes you through the design thought process, preparation, step by step guide, and a dash of humour to go along.

To make the build even easier, we at Ooznest carry out all the preparation work needed, this includes: Precisely cutting the extrusions, Tapping the Extrusions and Filling the cast corners. We also systematically bag and label the parts with their name and quantity, so you can quickly locate parts when needed. We have had great feedback using this system on our other kits, and it has proven to be well worth the time.

If you have any problems with the build, support is available in abundance. The C-Beam machine XL was conceived on the Openbuilds website, and there is a dedicated build setup for this machine where you can get help from community members, even Craig and Mark themselves. Alternatively we are available by phone or email for any issues or questions you may have.

What is in the Kit

Our C-Beam XL Mechanical kit includes everything needed to complete the mechanical portion of the C-Beam Machine XL. In addition to this we have the option to include 3 x NEMA23 Stepper Motors in three different torque sizes: 175oz (2.8A), 265oz (2.8A), and 345oz (3.0A). When choosing the motor size, keep in mind the controller you are using, and the rated ampage of the drivers. If you plan to use the xPro or similar, we recommend the 175oz or 265oz motors only. Also be aware that if something goes wrong you are more likely to damage the machine with larger motors, as the smallest ones will stall before any damage is caused.

You can be confident on the quality of the parts we supply in the kit because they are all genuine Openbuilds. The main components not included, which are needed to get the C-Beam machine cutting and running is MDF boards, Power supply, Controller board, and Router.

The C-Beam and V-Slot linear rails are pre-cut and tapped where needed. And the ACME Lead screws provided are to the correct length.

Please note the Dewalt Router and MDF Boards seen in the pictures are not included with the kit. The router seen in the pictures is a Dewalt D26200 (UK) or DWP611 (US) and is highly recommended. For the MDF boards you will need 2 x 900x500mm & 1 x 800x400mm boards, the thickness is up to you, 12mm is the minimum, 18mm is used in our pictures. The hardware to mount the MDF boards is included in the kit.

C-Beam XL Mechanical Kit

Technical Specification

Cutting Area
The physical footprint is 1000 mm x 500 mm
The moving Y-table protrudes out 170 mm at full travel, front and back.
The Highest Torque Motors stick out 140 mm from the frame at the back.
Maximum Height with the Z-axis fully up is 630 mm.
(X x Ymm) 330 x 750
(Z) 25mm Depends on Spoiler Board, Up to 2 inches available.
CNC Machined Aluminium Plates with V-Slot Extrusions and Cast Corners.
NEMA23 Stepper Motors X,Y & Z.
X/Y/Z - 8mm Tr8*8 4 Start ACME Lead Screw


We would like to give a big thank you to Craig Mills, Mark Carew and Openbuilds part store for designing an excellent Hobby CNC Mill and V-Slot system, which they have allowed to be freely shared, remixed, and sold. We would also like to thank the Openbuilds and wider community for sharing their upgrades to make the C-Beam Machine XL even better.

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